The Curse

The Curse: Created by Nathan Fielder, Benny Safdie. With Benny Safdie, Nathan Fielder, Samantha Ashley, Emma Stone. The Curse is a genre-bending comedy series that explores how an alleged curse disturbs the relationship of a newly married couple as they try to conceive a child while co-starring on their new HGTV show.

The Iron Claw

The Iron Claw: Directed by Sean Durkin. With Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, Harris Dickinson, Maura Tierney. The true story of the inseparable Von Erich brothers, who made history in the intensely competitive world of professional wrestling in the early 1980s.

The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper: Directed by David Ayer. With Jason Statham, Minnie Driver, Josh Hutcherson, Jeremy Irons. In The Beekeeper, one man’s brutal campaign for vengeance takes on national stakes after he is revealed to be a former operative of a powerful and clandestine organization known as “Beekeepers”.


Jules: Directed by Marc Turtletaub. With Ben Kingsley, Harriet Sansom Harris, Jane Curtin, Teddy Cañez. Milton lives a quiet life of routine in a small western Pennsylvania town, but finds his day upended when a UFO and its extra-terrestrial passenger crash land in his backyard.

Dream Scenario

A hapless family man finds his life turned upside down when millions of strangers suddenly start seeing him in their dreams. When his nighttime appearances take a nightmarish turn, Paul is forced to navigate his newfound stardom.

Godzilla Minus One

Godzilla Minus One: Directed by Takashi Yamazaki. With Ryunosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Yûki Yamada, Hidetaka Yoshioka. Godzilla appears in post-World-War-II Japan, which is at its low point at zero, and knocks the country down one to the negatives.

Totally Killer

When the infamous “Sweet Sixteen Killer” returns 35 years after his first murder spree to claim another victim, 17-year-old Jamie accidentally travels back in time to 1987, determined to stop the killer before he can start.

Rebel Moon

Rebel Moon: Directed by Zack Snyder. With Cleopatra Coleman, Sofia Boutella, Charlie Hunnam, Cary Elwes. When a peaceful colony on the edge of a galaxy finds itself threatened by the armies of a tyrannical ruling force, a mysterious stranger living among its villagers becomes their best hope for survival.

The Kill Room

A hitman, his boss, an art dealer and a money-laundering scheme that accidentally turns the assassin into an overnight avant-garde sensation, one that forces her to play the art world against the underworld.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live: With Danai Gurira, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Andrew Lincoln, Pollyanna McIntosh. The love story between Rick and Michonne, changed by a world that is constantly changing, will they find themselves in a war against the living or will they discover that they too are The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon: Created by Angela Kang. With Scotty Higgins, Norman Reedus, Gilbert Glenn Brown, Avant Strangel. Post-The Walking Dead (2010), Daryl finds the fan-favorite zombie apocalypse transported across the Atlantic to France and a whole new level of a world gone mad.


Wonka: Directed by Paul King. With Timothée Chalamet, Olivia Colman, Hugh Grant, Keegan-Michael Key. The story will focus specifically on a young Willy Wonka and how he met the Oompa-Loompas on one of his earliest adventures.

Every Body

Every Body: Directed by Julie Cohen. With Sean Saifa Wall, Alicia Roth Weigel, River Gallo. Focuses on three individuals who overcame shame, secrecy, and unauthorized surgery throughout their childhoods to enjoy successful adulthoods. Choosing to ignore medical advice to conceal their bodies and coming out as who they truly were.


Futurama: Created by David X. Cohen, Matt Groening. With Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, Tress MacNeille. Philip J. Fry, a pizza delivery boy, is accidentally frozen in 1999 and thawed out on New Year’s Eve 2999.

Fear The Night

Fear the Night: Directed by Neil LaBute. With Maggie Q, Kat Foster, James Carpinello, Gia Crovatin. Follows Iraqi war veteran Tes, as she prepares to strike back after a group of home invaders attack during her sister’s bachelorette party, and she discovers that they are hellbent on not leaving any witnesses behind.

Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter: Directed by J.C. Chandor. With Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Russell Crowe, Ariana DeBose, Christopher Abbott. Russian immigrant Sergei Kravinoff is on a mission to prove that he is the greatest hunter in the world.

Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone: Directed by Tom Harper. With Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan, Sophie Okonedo, Matthias Schweighöfer. An intelligence operative for a shadowy global peacekeeping agency races to stop a hacker from stealing its most valuable and dangerous weapon.

Babylon 5: The Road Home

Babylon 5: The Road Home: Directed by Matt Peters. With Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian, Paul Guyet, Anthony Hansen. John Sheridan finds himself transported through multiple timelines and alternate realities in a quest to find his way back home.

Sympathy for the Devil

Sympathy for the Devil: Directed by Yuval Adler. With Nicolas Cage, Joel Kinnaman, Kaiwi Lyman, Nancy Good. After being forced to drive a mysterious passenger at gunpoint, a man finds himself in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse where it becomes clear that not everything is as it seems.


Expend4bles: Directed by Scott Waugh. With Jason Statham, 50 Cent, Megan Fox, Dolph Lundgren. The Expendables will square up against: an arms dealer who commands the might of a massive private army.


Bottoms: Directed by Emma Seligman. With Dagmara Dominczyk, Ayo Edebiri, Nicholas Galitzine, Rachel Sennott. Two unpopular queer high school students start a fight club to have sex before graduation.

The Wrath of Becky

The Wrath of Becky: Directed by Matt Angel, Suzanne Coote. With Lulu Wilson, Seann William Scott, Denise Burse, Jill Larson. Two years after escaping a violent attack, a teenage girl must defend herself against a terrorist cell.

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken: Directed by Kirk DeMicco, Faryn Pearl. With Jane Fonda, Sam Richardson, Toni Collette, Annie Murphy. A shy adolescent learns that she comes from a fabled royal family of legendary sea krakens and that her destiny lies in the depths of the waters, which is bigger than she could have ever imagined.

Knights of the Zodiac

Knights of the Zodiac: Directed by Tomasz Baginski. With Mackenyu, Famke Janssen, Madison Iseman, Diego Tinoco. When a goddess of war reincarnates in the body of a young girl, street orphan Seiya discovers that he is destined to protect her and save the world. But only if he can face his own past and become a Knight of the Zodiac.

Mad Heidi

Mad Heidi: Directed by Johannes Hartmann, Sandro Klopfstein. With Alice Lucy, Max Rüdlinger, Casper Van Dien, David Schofield. Swiss mountain girl Heidi is abducted by brutal government troops and must defend herself and fight a war against a cheese-fueled machinery of hate.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Directed by Emma Tammi. With Josh Hutcherson, Matthew Lillard, Elizabeth Lail, Mary Stuart Masterson. A troubled security guard begins working at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. While spending his first night on the job, he realizes the night shift at Freddy’s won’t be so easy to make it through.

The Creator

The Creator: Directed by Gareth Edwards. With Allison Janney, Gemma Chan, Ralph Ineson, John David Washington. Described as a post-apocalyptic thriller involving a future impacted by a war between humans and AI.

Poor Things

Poor Things: Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos. With Emma Stone, Margaret Qualley, Willem Dafoe, Mark Ruffalo. The incredible tale and fantastical evolution of Bella Baxter (Stone), a young woman brought back to life by the brilliant and unorthodox scientist Dr. Godwin Baxter (Dafoe).

Myra Breckinridge

Myra Breckinridge: Directed by Michael Sarne. With Mae West, John Huston, Raquel Welch, Rex Reed. After undergoing gender reassignment surgery, an aspiring actress travels to Hollywood, where she also wants to make a claim on her wealthy uncle’s estate.

Tropic of Cancer

Tropic of Cancer: Directed by Joseph Strick. With Rip Torn, James T. Callahan, Ellen Burstyn, David Baur. The film depicts the adventures of expatriate American writer Henry Miller and his friends, as they pursue art, money, food, and sex in Paris.

Two Girls and a Guy

Two Girls and a Guy: Directed by James Toback. With Natasha Gregson Wagner, Heather Graham, Angel David, Frederique Van Der Wal. Two girls wait outside a young actor’s door and find out he’s had them both as “only” girlfriend the last ten months. They wait inside after breaking in. When Blake comes home he just can’t stop lying but they stay.

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!: Directed by Pedro Almodóvar. With Victoria Abril, Antonio Banderas, Loles León, María Barranco. An unbalanced but alluring former mental patient takes a porn star prisoner in the hopes of convincing her to marry him.

Valley of the Dolls

Valley of the Dolls: Directed by Mark Robson. With Barbara Parkins, Patty Duke, Paul Burke, Sharon Tate. Film version of Jacqueline Susann’s best-selling novel chronicling the rise and fall of three young women in show business.

Flamin’ Hot

Flamin’ Hot: Directed by Eva Longoria. With Tony Shalhoub, Dennis Haysbert, Matt Walsh, Emilio Rivera. This is the inspiring true story of Richard Montañez who as a Frito Lay janitor disrupted the food industry by channeling his Mexican American heritage to turn Flamin’ Hot Cheetos from a snack into an iconic global pop culture phenomenon.

Bird Box Barcelona

Bird Box Barcelona: Directed by David Pastor, Àlex Pastor. With Georgina Campbell, Diego Calva, Mario Casas, Michelle Jenner. After an entity of mysterious origin annihilates the world’s population causing those who observe it to take their lives, Sebastián and his daughter begin their own great adventure of survival in Barcelona.

Being Mary Tyler Moore

Being Mary Tyler Moore: Directed by James Adolphus. With Mary Tyler Moore, James L. Brooks, Rob Reiner, Treva Silverman. Mary’s vanguard career, who, as an actor, performer, and advocate, revolutionized the portrayal of women in media, redefined their roles in show business, and inspired generations to dream big and make it on their own.

Polite Society

Polite Society: Directed by Nida Manzoor. With Priya Kansara, Ritu Arya, Renu Brindle, Rekha John-Cheriyan. Ria Khan believes she must save her older sister Lena from her impending marriage. After enlisting her friends’ help, she attempts to pull off the most ambitious of all wedding heists in the name of independence and sisterhood.

Dune: Part Two

Dune: Part Two: Directed by Denis Villeneuve. With Florence Pugh, Rebecca Ferguson, Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya. A boy becomes the Messiah of nomads on a desert planet that has giant worms that protect a commodity called Spice. Spice changes people into travelers, mystics and madmen. What price will he pay to become the new ruler of their universe?

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo: Directed by Neill Blomkamp. With Djimon Hounsou, Orlando Bloom, David Harbour, Darren Barnet. The ultimate wish fulfilment tale of a teenage Gran Turismo player whose gaming skills won a series of Nissan competitions to become an actual professional race car driver. Based on a true story.

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal: With Anthony Mackie, Tahj Vaughans, Stephanie Beatriz, Chelle Ramos. Follows a motor-mouthed outsider offered a chance at a better life, but only if he can successfully deliver a mysterious package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland.


Wish: Directed by Chris Buck, Fawn Veerasunthorn. With Chris Pine, Alan Tudyk, Ariana DeBose. Wish will follow a young girl named Asha who wishes on a star and gets a more direct answer than she bargained for when a trouble-making star comes down from the sky to join her.

High Desert

High Desert: With Patricia Arquette, Weruche Opia, Jayden Gomez, Christine Taylor. Peggy, a former addict, who decides to make a new start after the death of her beloved mother with whom she lived in the small desert town of Yucca Valley, California, makes a life-changing decision to become a private investigator.


Gaia: Directed by Jaco Bouwer. With Monique Rockman, Carel Nel, Alex van Dyk, Anthony Oseyemi. An injured forest ranger on a routine mission is saved by two off-the-grid survivalists. What is initially a welcome rescue grows more suspicious as the son and his renegade father reveal a cultish devotion to the forest.


Crater: Directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez. With Mckenna Grace, Brady Noon, Piper Rubio, Billy Barratt. After the death of his father, a boy growing up on a lunar mining colony takes a trip to explore a legendary crater, along with his four best friends, prior to being permanently relocated to another planet.

The Continental

The Continental: Created by Greg Coolidge, Shawn Simmons, Kirk Ward. With Mel Gibson, Colin Woodell, Peter Greene, Nhung Kate. The Continental is a chain of hotels located all around the world that function as a neutral territory for members of the criminal underworld. They are frequented by many hitmen and notorious murderers.

The Pope’s Exorcist

The Pope’s Exorcist: Directed by Julius Avery. With Russell Crowe, Daniel Zovatto, Alex Essoe, Franco Nero. Follow Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican’s leading exorcist, as he investigates the possession of a child and uncovers a conspiracy the Vatican has tried to keep secret.

Talk to Me

Talk to Me: Directed by Danny Philippou, Michael Philippou. With Sophie Wilde, Joe Bird, Alexandra Jensen, Otis Dhanji. When a group of friends discover how to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand, they become hooked on the new thrill, until one of them goes too far and unleashes terrifying supernatural forces.