Release Date: 2014-07-02
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Premature is the story of Rob, a regular 17-year old guy desperate to lose his virginity. When he actually has a shot at losing it with Angela, the hottest girl in school, Rob suddenly wakes up in his own bed. Rob begins his day and it soon becomes clear that today is an exact replica of yesterday. The same conversations, the same events. Is this a dream? Deja vu? He finds himself again in Angela's room that night, and again he wakes up back in his own room. Rob realizes he will repeat this day each and every time he reaches climax (prematurely)! With the help of his best friends, Rob must figure out how to break the loop or be destined to live in this sticky situation for all eternity!

3 thoughts on “Premature

  1. Oh oh, I know the answer to this, he has to kill the alien biatch, bath in her blood to get the special time distorting powers, then he can have as many sticky situations with everyone and anyone me meets, blow his brains out and just come back and do it all over again with nobody but him remembering any of it, oh the fun you could have …
    or am I thinking of a different movie?

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